Savouring summer memories

Last May I purchased something I’ve wanted for a while, a GoPro. I’ve always been interesting in video editing, and even used to edit my own with Sony Vegas back in high school. Since getting a Mac back in 2011, I haven’t been as interested in editing. I loved Sony Vegas and didn’t want to relearn a different software… but I finally caved and downloaded Final Cut Pro this past week.

After playing around with it for about a day, I learned some of the basic features needed to edit my GoPro footage.

I love watching edited videos with good music and cool cut scenes. Some of my favourite travel bloggers post really awesome edits. While my footage was more of a summer staycation than a vacation video, I decided to give it a try anyway.

Considering¬†I just learned the basics of Final Cut, I’m pretty happy with the result. Check it out below! I’m sure there will be more to come after this now that I’ve gotten more of a handle on it.