Myrtle Beachin’ – A Summer Road Trip Adventure

Now that the cold weather has officially hit us in the Great White North, I’ve decided to upload some images from my summer road trip to Myrtle Beach to reminisce on the heat!

This was the first time I’d road tripped farther south than Cape Cod and I loved seeing the scenery along the journey, especially the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Granted, it was a long drive there – but definitely worth it!

I’m sharing just a few of my favourite captures of the trip. Unfortunately we arrived just in time for a week of thunderstorms, however that just made it even more enjoyable whenever the sun made an appearance.

The best part about working from home this summer was the ability to drop everything and join my boyfriend’s family for a week-long vacation in the south. A normal office job definitely would have prevented me from being able to do that.

Although this meant I had to work during the daytime hours, I didn’t mind too much. I even managed to get wifi on the beach from our condo and was able to bring my laptop out with me. I ended up only attempting this a couple of times because I probably would have wrecked it had I tested my luck too much.

Much to my disappointment, I briefly saw one lizard on the trip. I tried to look for them wherever we walked in North Myrtle Beach.

Another one of my office views for the week! Working poolside was great because it didn’t pose the same danger to my laptop as sand did on the beach.

All in all, it was a great trip!