Bikini buys: this summer’s trends

Blonde On The Beach Bikini Buys

Bikini. Season. Two words that can strike fear into even the most tough women’s hearts. A season that girls prepare themselves for months in advance just to look good in that cute little Victoria’s Secret bathing suit they bought. Honestly, I don’t agree with that lifestyle or the media’s idea of the perfect “bikini body”. The truth is there is no such thing. Every single one of us is different and we should be proud of that, not aiming to look the same as the cover of a magazine. Although the annual VS Fashion Show is still a blow to the ol’ self-esteem, it’s much more important to become the best you than to strive to look like someone else. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with eating healthy and exercising, just make sure that you do it right. Your goals should be feeling good, not only looking good.

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Freshen up your look in four steps

Freshen up your look in 4 steps

Spring is such a nice refresher after a long winter. It always feels so great to get out of your winter coat and into a cool spring jacket. Personally, when new seasons come around I love to dress and look the occasion. It’s easy to refresh your look from dreary winter to bright spring with a few tips. Looking good and feeling good can go hand-in-hand.

Fresh face, fresh feel

Freshening up your look can be taken literally with fresh-faced makeup. I’m notorious for always adding winged liner to my makeup, but switching it up for a more relaxed style seems to be the trend this season. Forget the heavy brows and contour & highlighting techniques you’ve been practicing (thanks for nothing, Kardashians!), keep your daytime look light by ditching or cutting back on the eyeliner. Add a light blush to give yourself that springtime glow and finish your look off with a touch of mascara. If you like to give your brows some definition, make sure it still looks natural and not noticeably drawn on. If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable without much makeup or feels the need for foundation/concealer, just make sure you do it in a natural way and not to look overly touched up or “cakey”.

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