Freshen up your look in four steps

Freshen up your look in 4 steps

Spring is such a nice refresher after a long winter. It always feels so great to get out of your winter coat and into a cool spring jacket. Personally, when new seasons come around I love to dress and look the occasion. It’s easy to refresh your look from dreary winter to bright spring with a few tips. Looking good and feeling good can go hand-in-hand.

Fresh face, fresh feel

Freshening up your look can be taken literally with fresh-faced makeup. I’m notorious for always adding winged liner to my makeup, but switching it up for a more relaxed style seems to be the trend this season. Forget the heavy brows and contour & highlighting techniques you’ve been practicing (thanks for nothing, Kardashians!), keep your daytime look light by ditching or cutting back on the eyeliner. Add a light blush to give yourself that springtime glow and finish your look off with a touch of mascara. If you like to give your brows some definition, make sure it still looks natural and not noticeably drawn on. If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable without much makeup or feels the need for foundation/concealer, just make sure you do it in a natural way and not to look overly touched up or “cakey”.

Colour is in

Spring is all about colour, and that doesn’t just have to apply to nature. This is big coming from someone who has many neutral and muted colours in their wardrobe. Including statement colour pieces in your spring look can refresh it. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out with super vibrant colours though. According to Pantone, the Spring 2015 colour report includes lighter and more nature-like tones. Lots of designers are using light blue in their Spring collections; add some into your wardrobe for a cooler style.

Athletic style for more than just comfort

This year’s spring trends seem to be focusing on athletic pieces incorporated into everyday style. This doesn’t mean it’s okay to go around in full sweatsuits, more along the lines of having a simple sporty piece with your everyday wear. This can include pieces with race stripes, lace-up styles or drawstrings. Polo-style shirts are also great pieces to add but with more relaxed collars and sheer materials. Following this trend can make your look appear cleaner.

Long hair is back

Many of this season’s runway trends saw long hair back in style. Whether it be relaxed boho waves or slicked back updos, models were sporting longer locks again. Lobs and bobs seem to be out this season so substitute your next major hair cut at the salon for just a trim to keep your hair healthy and growing. This is great for spring because the weather isn’t too hot yet and a trim keeps your look feeling fresh without the “what-ifs” of a major haircut.