Bikini buys: this summer’s trends

Blonde On The Beach Bikini Buys

Bikini. Season. Two words that can strike fear into even the most tough women’s hearts. A season that girls prepare themselves for months in advance just to look good in that cute little Victoria’s Secret bathing suit they bought. Honestly, I don’t agree with that lifestyle or the media’s idea of the perfect “bikini body”. The truth is there is no such thing. Every single one of us is different and we should be proud of that, not aiming to look the same as the cover of a magazine. Although the annual VS Fashion Show is still a blow to the ol’ self-esteem, it’s much more important to become the best you than to strive to look like someone else. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with eating healthy and exercising, just make sure that you do it right. Your goals should be feeling good, not only looking good.

Now that that’s covered, for those of you who don’t know me, I am a bikini shopaholic. Some people go for shoes and others obsess over makeup, well, my guilty pleasure is bikinis. I’m pretty sure if I counted the number of bikinis in my closet right now, the number would be well over 50. This is probably where my beach obsession started. In my opinion, yc

The thing I love most about bikinis is that there are so many different options. From ruffles to beading and studs to cutouts there are so many cool trends to choose from. Every year more styles come out, increasing your beach fashion choices. Also, they don’t go out of style as easily as other clothes might.

I picked a few of my favourite summer bikini trends to show you guys (see above).

Starting at the top left:

  • Extravagant beading always catches eyes, especially in the bright sun. Not entirely practical for swimming purposes but nice to wear for something more aesthetically pleasing.
  • This tie-dye pink bandeau is very boho-chic. You could easily pair with something like high waisted shorts and gladiators to complete the look.
  • We’re seeing a lot of cut out bikinis that offer an edgier beach look with cage-like shapes. The white nicely accents tans or darker skin tones.
  • Scalloped bikinis are all the rage right now, almost every bikini carrier has some variation of them, whether that be triangle halter, bandeau or flounce halter.

Starting at the bottom left:

  • Bold prints such as this always look good on the beach and flounce halters are another huge trend this season.
  • A less extreme version of the previous caged cutout can be found in Mikoh’s strappy bikinis like this yellow one.
  • Again, a tie die print on this wrap halter. Wrap style bikinis like this one have become really popular for this summer.
  • You’ve probably already seen something like this in many variations of colours and styles. Triangl started a huge trend with their bold colour block bikinis and many companies now copy their unique style. If you’re guaranteed to see one trend on the beach this season, it’ll be this one.

White caftan
285 CAD –

Express bikini top
44 CAD –

Marysia Swim swimsuits two piece
345 CAD –

Mikoh halter top
190 CAD –

Rip Curl swimsuits two piece
31 CAD –

Monsoon halter top
36 CAD –

Swimsuits top
110 CAD –

Swimsuits top
19 CAD –

Express bikini swimwear
44 CAD –

Mikoh swimsuits top
190 CAD –

Ruffle bottom bikini
15 CAD –

34 CAD –

94 CAD –

White bikini bottom
15 CAD –


  1. milaberti June 11, 2015

    LOVE THIS. I love the white caged one… can totally see you rocking all of these. xx