Water and waves texture

Positive lifestyle blogger and social media influencer Blonde on the BeachI’m Katie Barker, a cold Canadian with addictions to both summer and anywhere warm, especially the beach.

I’m a small town-raised public practitioner currently working in Toronto. I have a serious case of wanderlust, which my current budget unfortunately keeps me from exploring. I live for late summer mornings and even later nights and am all about the positive vibes.

I love music. I’m mostly a folk and acoustic kinda girl, but I’ll listen to anything, especially if it’s live. If you feel like checking out some of my main picks head over to my 8tracks!

This lifestyle blog is dedicated to always bringing the more positive aspects of life together. Its focus is on health, wellness, fashion, food and beauty.

I’m determined to own a beach house in California/Hawaii and learn how to surf one day. Since that’s not happening anytime soon, I’ll settle for dreaming about it on here instead.

See you at the beach!